Compassionate Leadership

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Compassionate Leadership

A core element of the Parliamentary Review and A Healthier Wales’ Quadruple Aim is to deliver an inclusive, engaged, sustainable, flexible and responsive workforce in health and social care.
Its importance is supported by an increasing body of evidence, which correlates the inclusion, wellbeing and engagement of the workforce with the quality of health and care experienced by the people we serve.
This Strategy is our opportunity to create a compassionate culture, to address a number of long standing challenges as well as preparing our workforce for future challenges.

As organisational culture is shaped by the nature of its leadership, it therefore follows that our leadership strategy will be underpinned by a compassionate leadership model which includes the following key features:

Team capacity to lead not just individual capacity

Nurturing everyone’s leadership capacity, not just in a hierarchical sense

A clear focus on stimulating and supporting quality improvement and innovation

Needs trust and a new psychological contract, sharing power and decision making

Compassion is central – empathy, listening, acting and valuing our people

Watch this short video to hear what compassionate leadership means within the NHS Wales workforce:


To create a culture of compassionate leadership requires a consistent approach that is underpinned by robust evidence.
Below and in the resource library you will find a range of educational materials and videos exploring the definitions, theoretical background and evidence base for compassionate leadership.

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