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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Resources


Speaker: Michael West, Visiting Fellow, The King's Fund

Summary: In this video Michael West shares his thoughts on compassionate and inclusive leadership for our recent event The challenge of culture change: sharing system-wide learning to deliver the NHS long-term plan.

Speaker: Ricky Somal, Associate Director of Organisational Development, Isle of Wight NHS Trust

Summary: Ricky Somal discusses how can we enhance the sense of belonging within the NHS and focuses on the psychological connections around enhancing the sense of belonging.

Recorded: 2nd of December 2020, as part of 'HPMA 2020 - Architects of Change Conference'

Speaker: Ben Fuchs, Senior Consultant, The King's Fund

Summary: ‘Speaking truth to power’ often requires courageous speaking up, but just as often it requires painful listening. In this presentation, Ben Fuchs explores one of the key leadership skills needed to create an inclusive culture – high quality listening. This talk offers examples and practical tips to improve inclusive listening.

Recorded: 23rd October 2020, as part of 'Talentbury - Festival of Leadership, Learning and Collaboration'

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Speaker: John Amaechi, OBE

Summary: John Amaechi OBE is an organisational psychologist, Charted Scientist, elected Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, bestselling New York Times author, Research Fellow at the University of East London, and Founder of APS Intelligence. Mentor to many, teacher to some, and always using his deep psychological insight combined with real life experience to provide a touchstone for people and companies who want to thrive, achieve and align their beliefs, values and ethics.

Recorded: 30th March 2020, as part of 'Compassion Con: Together Towards Tomorrow'

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