Our Framework for Action

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Our Framework for Action 2020 - 2021

To mobilise our leadership principles, a three-year Framework for Action has been developed:

Plan Icon Lead the implementation of the Health & Care Leadership Strategy through the NHS Wales Compassionate and Collective Leadership framework for action

Deliverables 20-21:

Person with speakerphone Drive the implementation of the framework for action through extensive, marketing and engagement.

People with line graph ascending Develop and promote a cultural assessment tool that reliably measures compassionate and collective culture and behaviours within organisations.

Books increasing Review and promote a range of existing evidence-based culture and leadership tools aimed at creating cultures of collective leadership across organisations and teams.

Network of people Create a network of Collective Leadership Champions to support implementation and development/use of resources.

Person on a lecturnProvide annual leadership conferences and learning events aimed at enabling widespread adoption of best practice.

Mortar BoardInfluence and support the implementation of undergraduate leadership modules (embedded with quality improvement and digital leadership) across the curriculum.

Three people and lightbulb Commence the curation of ‘manager core skills’ resource hub that promotes inclusivity and equips managers with essential and portable management skills that compliments local management development programmes.

PencilReview and update the NHS Wales manager competence framework

Magnifying Glass Lead the implementation and management of the NHS succession planning framework for Tiers 1 -3 and monitor progress

Deliverables 20-21:

Line Graph increasing Develop a map of prioritised senior leadership positions for succession planning.

Three people with one speech bubble Provision of a Talent Summit for identified talent to enable the co-design of an inclusive talent management process and leadership development framework.

Two people sitting at tableSupport identified talent through provision of a series of master classes that supplement experiential learning opportunities and Academi Wales senior leadership programmes.

DocumentDevelop the specification and commence the procurement process for a national talent management solution.

Magnifying Glass Influence and support the implementation of undergraduate leadership modules (embedded with quality improvement and digital leadership) across the curriculum.

Three people and magnifying glass Develop an inclusive process for senior leadership talent identification that includes positive action schemes, assessment / development centres and a leadership development framework.

Network Develop a marketing and engagement plan to promote the senior leadership talent and succession planning strategy and development frameworks.

Teacher with whiteboard Promote the establishment of student leadership academies across all Wales universities that enable progression to leadership networks and talent pools.

Laptop Icon Lead the implementation and management of the Digital Leadership portal

Deliverables 20-21:

Books Commence the curation and establishment of a Leadership resource library that provides evidence-based resources that reflect the leadership strategy and support compassionate and collective approaches.

Hierarchy Symbol Develop and implement an operating model for the digital portal for wider implementation across HEIW and NHS Wales organisations.

Broadcast Signal Brand and extensively market the HEIW Digital Leadership Portal.

Person with headset Manage digital leadership portal accounts and queries, whilst maintaining and developing the portal in line with user feedback.

News Paper Promote the HEIW leadership programmes and link to leadership and management development opportunities across Academi Wales and NHS Wales Health Boards and Trusts.

Calendar Utilise the portal for managing conference events, master classes etc to reach diverse audiences.

 Medical Professional IconLead the adaptation, development and implementation of leadership programmes and resources for clinical leaders from a range of professional backgrounds

Deliverables 20-21:

Teacher with whiteboard Review and relaunch the medical leadership programme inherited from Academi Wales to open it up to all clinicians.

Hierarhy symbol Establish the infrastructure to run the programme.

Expand Symbol Expand the Welsh Clinical Leadership Fellows scheme to include placements for optometrists; review the potential to expand to other clinicians in future years.

Telescope Scope the clinical leadership offer across Wales, identifying gaps.

Three People around a table Telescope Support primary care clusters to develop leadership capacity through a range of bespoke leadership and quality improvement modules.

Two people around a table Support a range of experiential leadership opportunities including coaching and mentoring.

Mortar Board iconLead the review, improvement and re-launch of the NHS Wales Graduate training scheme

Deliverables 20-21:

Magnifying Glass Research best practice models to re-establish and re-launch the NHS Wales graduate leadership scheme.

Certificate Develop the component elements of the graduate programme including masters qualification and placements.

Process Map SymbolEstablish the operating model for the graduate scheme.

Person Symbol Identify / train a range of mentors and coaches to support the graduates during their placements.

Notepad with Strategy diagram Develop a marketing strategy and engagement plan to attract graduate applicants to the NHS Leadership scheme.

Magnifying glass on 3 peopleDevelop an inclusive recruitment, assessment and induction process

Network Icon Lead the establishment and management of a Wales Leadership alumni and range of leadership networks

Deliverables 20-21:

Three People and Speech Bubble Create a collective leadership network providing opportunities for a diverse range of individuals to become actively engaged in promoting and supporting the leadership agenda across NHS Wales.

Network SymbolCreate a range of alumni networks to support existing leadership development cohorts.

Laptop Provide a series of leadership master classes, webinars, networking events, online videos and resources.

Three people with light bulb Supporting leaders to create resilient teams and services driven by transparency, honest reflection and shared vision

Hand shake Influence the establishment of student leadership academies within all Wales universities that promote access to NHS leadership networks and alumni.

Health Symbol Secondary Care: Establish a leadership alumni and establish collaborative network of trainee leadership roles.

Checklist symbol Pilot and evaluate a trainee leadership network meeting/event and review existing wellbeing strategy/courses.

Network Icon Lead the development, implementation and management of the new NHS Executive Collective and Compassionate Leadership programme

Deliverables 20-21:

Computer Cloud IconDevelop a suite of inclusive executive leadership development offerings, digital resources and networks.

Compass IconProvide national executive leadership development programmes, underpinned by collective and compassionate approaches.

Two people with speech bubbleSupport a range of experiential leadership opportunities including coaching and mentoring.

Three PeopleDevelop a suite of alumni masterclasses that enable learning from experts, industry and other public-sector bodies.

Three people and increasing graph lineHarness talent, maintain visibility and provide continued support to aspiring and existing talent so they are not lost within the system and can remain current and engaged through utilising of a digital talent management solution.

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