Our Leadership Vision

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Our Leadership Vision

By 2030, leadership will be distributed, with everyone across health and social care Wales modelling and practising compassionate and collective leadership in order to ensure high quality, continually improving and compassionate care for the people of Wales.

One of the core responsibilities of Health Education and improvement Wales (HEIW) is to deliver, with key partners, a cohesive leadership strategy for health and social care in Wales. Guiding this approach is the Strategy for Health and Care - 'A Healthier Wales' and the Health and Social Care Workforce Strategy outlining our ambition that 'by 2030, leaders in the health and social care system will display collective and compassionate leadership.

One key area identified was a clear recognition for the need for a consistent and coherent approach to leadership development at all levels. Compassionate and collective leadership which has a strong evidence base and foundation and developed over many years of academic and practical research provided the overarching strategy. It builds upon previous work on collective leadership, teamwork, nurturing cultures of high-quality care, and organisational effectiveness and aligns with the values of the health and care workforce.

Inclusive access to a range of evidenced-based leadership resources through the HEIW bilingual leadership portal Gwella providing a range of articles, toolkits, webinars and leadership resources are freely available to anyone. This website also hosts a range of vibrant, multidisciplinary compassionate leadership communities with almost 3,000 registered users. (Gwella was awarded Gold in the national Learning Technologies 2020 awards).

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