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Meet the Team

We are a team of committed and passionate individuals from a wide range of disciplines working together to influence leadership change within the NHS in Wales towards a more collective and compassionate culture, working with a wide range of professionals and stakeholders to help deliver significant benefits for staff and thus improved patient outcomes.

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Culture, Leadership and Succession Team

Helen Thomas Photo

Helen Thomas

Assistant Director of Leadership and Succession

Gwella & Programme Management Support Office

Emily Clarke's Photo

Emily Clarke

Leadership & Digital Senior Programme Manager

Jessica Grainger' Photo

Jessica Grainger

Leadership & Succession Programme Manager

Afonso Palma' Photo

Afonso Palma

Digital Leadership Project Manager

Jannine Jones' Photo

Jannine Jones

Programme Support Officer

Rebecca Watts' Photo

Rebecca Watts

Programme Support Officer

Emeline Eslamian' Photo

Emeline Eslamian


Clinical Leadership

Dena Jones' Photo

Dena Jones

Senior Manager Clinical Leadership Development

Olwen Williams' Photo

Olwen Williams

Clinical Leadership Associate Director

Arpan Guha Photo

Arpan Guha

Clinical Leadership Associate Director

Becky Thomas' Photo

Becky Thomas

Clinical Leadership Associate Director

Moya Jenkins' Photo

Moya Jenkins

Talent and Leadership Development Management

Talent & Succession

Jackie Parons' Photo

Jackie Parsons

Succession Planning and Talent Management Lead

NHS Wales Graduate Programme and HEIW Internship Programmes

Claire Monks' Photo

Claire Monks

NHS Wales Graduate Leadership Programme Manager

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and OD

Rhiannon Windsor's Photo

Rhiannon Windsor

Head of OD & Inclusion

Gareth Lloyd-Richards' Photo

Gareth Lloyd-Richards

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Jeremy Ashdown's Photo

Jeremy Ashdown

OD & Leadership Practioner

Ibby Osman's Photo

Ibby Osman


Health and Wellbeing

Claire Smith's Photo

Claire Smith

Workforce Programme Manager

Laura Watts' Photo

Laura Watts

Administrative Assistant

Carole Roberts' Photo

Carole Roberts

Administrative Officer

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