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Mortar BoardQ1. What are the eligibility criteria?

You’ll need to have attained or be predicted to receive a minimum of a 2:2 in any degree discipline (awarded by July 2021) and have permission to live and work in the UK, without any restrictions.

We are looking for creative and innovative thinkers who can employ strong analytical skills to organise thoughts and develop plans by utilising information and facts to evidence the case for change. Close and positive collaboration with professionals will enable you to drive excellence through resilience and an unwavering focus to influence change, transforming and modernising our services.

Mortar BoardQ2. Do I need management experience?

The training programme is designed to develop your general management and leadership skills. If you have substantial general management experience, then this programme is not for you and you should explore other personal development options.

Mortar BoardQ3. How do I know this is for me?

If you are compassionate, innovative, curious and resilient this scheme you’ll be a great fit. We’ve prepared a quiz for you, so you can find out if your personality and goals match the role. Take the quiz.

Mortar BoardQ4. Will it help my application if I have some work experience in the NHS?

It isn’t essential, but it will be useful in helping you understand the big challenges of leading in the modern NHS.

Mortar BoardQ5. Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for applications to the programme.

Mortar BoardQ6. If I already work for the NHS, should I tell my organisation I am applying for this scheme?

Because your current employer may need to agree secondment arrangements if you are successful, we ask you to tell your HR Department, in confidence, before you submit your application.

Mortar BoardQ7. How can I find out about the progress of my application?

If you are invited to take part in the next stage of the selection process, you will receive your invitation via email. You are advised to check your email accounts regularly and if you have any queries please email: HEIW.GraduateProgramme@wales.nhs.uk

Mortar BoardQ8. What kind of assessment can I expect?

We apply best practice, modern assessment techniques that are designed to give you every opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills and potential. You will be made aware of the standards, competences and skills we are seeking at each stage. We will use Success Profiles to assess your application.

Part of our assessment is about your potential to develop key skills as well as those that you already possess. The assessment methods will include a blend of written, verbal and behavioural skills designed to enable applicants to demonstrate capability and potential in meeting leadership, financial management and general management competencies and behaviours in line with NHS Wales core principles.

Mortar BoardQ9. How can I prepare for the assessment to give my best?

You need to be yourself and apply your natural ability at each assessment stage. You will need to review the available information about the programme and the big challenge of leading in NHS Wales. The website information gives you more detail about the selection assessment and can help you bring yourself up to speed about the understanding both the strategic direction and financial environment and the challenges facing NHS Wales. This playlist can also be helpful to familiarise with the assessment process we’ll be using: Success Profiles.

Mortar BoardQ10. When do the assessment stages take place?

A full timeline of the different assessment stages is available on this website. We will keep applicants informed at each stage by email.

Mortar BoardQ11. How much will I be paid during the Scheme??

You can except a competitive annual salary of £26,523 plus a number of benefits including paid annual leave, NHS Pension, Health & Wellbeing Initiatives, Childcare Vouchers and Health Service Discounts.

Mortar BoardQ12. Where will I be based??

You will be based with one host NHS Wales organisation, gaining experience across a number of different management roles through three different placements. These will be for a period of approximately 7 months each with proposal to cover primary, secondary and corporate area.

We will ask you to identify your preferred employer(s) for the vacancies we have within NHS Wales prior to the Assessment Centre process.Please note that, whilst we cannot guarantee that you will be placed with your preferred choice, if you are selected for the programme we will try and ensure every effort is made to match you to your preferred location.

Mortar BoardQ13. What support and development will I get during the scheme?

Your performance and progress will be closely managed by your line manager who will demand commitment and results and will give you feedback on your performance (both work based and academic) and potential.

During your induction, you will meet senior representatives who will share their insight about NHS current and future challenges alongside team building activities to help you to get to know your fellow trainees. You will then embark on a 6 weeks’ familiarisation tour in the host organisation to orientate you. There is also additional peer support from buddy.

Your learning and development journey will be fully supported, guided and directed by a wide range of experts. You will have extensive support through at least seven levels of people guiding and cheering you on.

We will help you prepare and develop your pathway to becoming a leader, we will provide you with a package of professional learning which will help maximise your development. You will also take part in Action Learning Sets, working with fellow trainees to support and challenge each other’s learning and development. You will learn to lead through developing and enhancing your professional skills.

Mortar BoardQ14. Will I be able to study for a formal qualification?

Alongside work-based learning, you will study for a fully-funded Masters degree. This has been specifically designed for this programme. We expect you to achieve this qualification in order to graduate from the programme.

Mortar BoardQ15. How will my progress be measured during the Scheme?

The NHS Wales General Management Graduate Scheme has been designed as a two year Scheme with continuous performance assessment and formal assessment points at 6 monthly intervals when progress in your job, your development targets and academic progress will be discussed, agreed, recorded and reported. Your line manager will discuss your performance with you at every opportunity and your development will be shaped by these shared discussions.

Mortar BoardQ16. What kind of job opportunities can I expect to have once I have completed the training Scheme?

Whilst there is no guarantee of a permanent position at the end of the programme, host organisations have pledged their support for further development opportunities to be available within NHS Wales.

Mortar BoardQ17. Do I have to be a Welsh speaker?

Welsh and/or English speakers are equally welcome to apply. Candidates who do not speak Welsh will be considered equally alongside those that do speak it.

The Welsh language forms a vibrant part of our culture and in many parts of Wales, you will hear Welsh spoken as an everyday language. You may wish to learn Welsh and if so you will find your organisation is committed to supporting you to learn.

Mortar BoardQ18. How do I apply?

Applications are closed - visit the how to apply page to find out more about the application process, guidance on applying and supporting information. Please read the job description carefully and tailor your response before applying .

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