Timeline of Activity June 20 - Oct 20

June/July 2020

  • Approval to re-establish NHS Wales Graduate Programme
  • Develop specification for the Talent Management digital solution
  • Create specification to co-produce leadership development modules with The Kings Fund
  • Undertake User Testing on the digital leadership Portal ‘Gwella’
  • Complete virtual classroom options appraisal
  • Establish leadership networks on the Gwella digital portal
  • Commence the tender for the co-production of executive success profiles

August - October 2020

  • Design the virtual Talent Summit programme
  • Re-launch the compassionate leadership Principles consultation
  • Design a series of compassionate Leadership modules with The Kings Fund
  • Provide a series of leadership master classes
  • Formerly launch the ‘Gwella’ Leadership Portal
  • Launch NHS Wales Talent Summit