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August 2020

Gwella Platform is Launched

Gwella, the HEIW Leadership Portal, is launched with the objective of ‘reinvigorating leadership development and succession planning across health and social care in partnership with Social Care Wales and Academi Wales’, supporting a self-service approach to many leadership and development tools and resources.

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October 2020

Talentbury - A Virtual Festival of Leadership, Learning and Collaboration

Spanning 4 days, this virtual festival hosted by Gwella aimed at providing a valuable leadership experience for aspiring clinical and non-clinical executive leaders. It featured prominent keynote speakers, personal insights into leadership, topical workshops and resource signposting.

Speakers included Professor Michael West, Ben Fuchs, René Carayol, Deborah Lee and James Devine.

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November 2020

Winner of Learning Technology Award

Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) were thrilled to be announced winners of the gold award for ‘Best UK Digital Transformation of a Training Programme in Response to COVID-19’.

The award reflected how HEIW utilised technology to provide rapid, responsive and remote learning materials to support the NHS Wales workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic. Central to this award was the development of Gwella – a digital leadership portal that was launched in August 2020.

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May 2021

Compassionate Leadership Principles launched alongside Social Care Wales

The Compassionate Leadership Principles for Health and Social Care in Wales aim to create a shared language of what compassionate leadership is and what it looks like in practice.

Through this, they support leadership development and play a significant role in achieving the Workforce Strategy ambition that ‘by 2030 leaders in the health and social care will display collective and compassionate leadership’.

Visit the Interactive Compassionate Leadership Principles

July 2021

Gwella on Air, the Compassionate Leadership Series Podcast

In line with the Compassionate Leadership Spotlight sessions, a series of podcasts is released exploring different themes, including Compassionate Leadership Principles, Healthier Working Relationships, leadership in optometry and strengthening voice, influence and choice in Facilities and Estates.

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November 2021

Winner of Learning Technology Award

The Leadership and Succession Team were extremely pleased to have won the Gold award in the category of ‘Learning Technologies Team of the Year’, part of the 2021 Learning Technologies awards.

The work undertaken through the team was recognised in gaining traction and interest across the UK as well as internationally and helped demonstrate the added value in supporting frontline workers and improving patient care, and we are delighted that this Team and the work of HEIW has been nationally recognised.

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March 2022

Compassion Con: Together Towards Tomorrow

A livestream leadership event to reflect, recover and recharge with a programme of speakers who offered inspiration for a brighter future. Compassion Con facilitated collaboration to ensure effective leadership is at the very heart of health and social care in Wales working “Together Towards Tomorrow”.

Speakers included Professor Michael West, Dr Rajvinder Samra, David Liddle and Linda Aspey.

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June 2022

HEIW is the official IHSCM regional hub for Wales

As the regional hub for Wales, HEIW and Gwella offer a free membership for the Institute of Health & Social Care Management for all health and social care staff all across Wales.

IHSCM are the leading independent membership organisation for managers and leaders planning, delivering and supporting health and care in the UK and across the world, supporting personal and professional development and driving change to improve health and well-being for all through quality management.

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September 2022

New and Improved Gwella

A new look for the Gwella platform is unveiled, offering a brand new Leadership Vision hub, all about Gwella’s journey, including our framework for action, meet the team and contact us page; and a new Start Your Leadership portal capturing all the offerings and opportunities within the platform, and

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February 2023

Launch of Gwella’s Bi-Weekly Bulletin

The Bi-Weekly Bulletin keeps the Gwella users up to date all the new opportunities, events and resources available on the platform as well as showcasing latest achievements. Each bulletin is packed with leadership content for health and social care professionals.

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September 2023

Launch of Self-Assessment Tool

Ability to self-assess your skills or behaviours against a competence framework that provides a report to assess where the user has plotted against each the framework. Resources can be also made available linked to the areas that need further development.

The first assessment launch was completed around Compassionate Leadership. Complete our Compassionate Leadership Self-Assessment

October 2023

Launch of the Compassionate Leadership Hub and Compassionate Leadership Pledge

Your one-stop shop for all things Compassionate Leadership, full of useful resources to help develop your understanding and practice of Compassionate Leadership, including the Compassionate Leadership Principles, examples of Compassionate Leadership in Practice.

The Compassionate Leadership Pledge was also launched as a commitment to develop and model Compassionate Leadership and create compassionate and collective cultures within your organisation.

Explore the Compassionate Leadership Hub and sign up to the Compassionate Leadership Pledge

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