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About Gwella

About Gwella

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Our Vision

By 2030, leadership will be distributed, with everyone across health and social care Wales modelling and practising compassionate and collective leadership in order to ensure high quality, continually improving and compassionate care for the people of Wales.

One of the core responsibilities of Health Education and improvement Wales (HEIW) is to deliver, with key partners, a cohesive leadership strategy for health and social care in Wales. Guiding this approach is the Strategy for Health and Care - 'A Healthier Wales' and the Health and Social Care Workforce Strategy (currently in draft form) outlining our ambition that 'by 2030, leaders in the health and social care system will display collective and compassionate leadership'.

There are three strategic actions underpinning this ambition which provide a framework for delivery of the vision and include:

Collectively these actions provide an opportunity to influence cultural change within NHS Wales towards a more collective and compassionate culture, with significant benefits for staff wellbeing and thus improved patient outcomes.

Click on the icons below to access more information on Compassionate Leadership, Compassionate Leadership Principles for Heath and Social Care in Wales, the NHS Wales Framework for Action and Activity Framework:

Rectangle button with the words 'Compassionate Leadership' and a decorative icon' Compassionate Leadership Principles for Health & Social Care in Wales (Draft) Rectangle button with the words 'Our framework for action' Activity Roadmap