Developing the People Profession Cymru

Development of the People Profession Cymru

Developing the People Profession Cymru

We are committed to the development of the People (HR, OD and workforce practitioners) Profession in NHS Wales. Our NHS Wales people professionals are uniquely placed to drive positive change - their role and responsibility is to ensure we deliver on all aspects of the workforce agenda.

We recognise that to best support our people professionals, to create a modern, future-fit and inclusive People Profession, we must invest in professional and career development. We will do this through facilitating a range of opportunities to grow professional practice across Health in Wales. We will also ensure that professional practice is rooted in a sound knowledge of how we run our health organisations.

Our Mission


Developing the
knowledge, skills and
capabilities of our
people professionals,
- creating a future-fit community of practice

Growing our own
talented professionals,
providing robust career
pathways and opportunities to fulfil
career aspirations

Creating a
collaborative and
connected network of
people professions
across NHS Wales

Establishing a modern
people service that
enables change and
is a strategic partner
that addresses NHS Wales'
workforce challenges

Watch this short video from our Developing the People Profession Cymru Conference that showcases our commitment to developing the people profession community.

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