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Other Leadership Offerings

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Academi Wales delivers a wide range of leadership and management development across the public service in Wales. Across the website you will find a range of learning resources, courses and events and networks aimed at leaders and managers.

Lots of our resources are available to the public, however there is some exclusive content that is only available to members.

Read more about Academi Wales.

Intensive Learning Academies Logo

The Intensive Learning Academies (ILAs) are based across prestigious Welsh universities and are helping to transform the delivery of health and social care across the globe.

They are helping to create the next generation of innovative, global leaders in health and social care. These world-leading academies are not only delivering academic and executive education courses, but they are also offering research and bespoke consultancy services to support individual organisations in the adoption and delivery of meaningful innovation across health and social care.

Read more about Intensive Learning Academies.

Institute of Health & Social Care Management

The Institute of Health & Social Care Management (IHSCM) is an Institute, approved in company law, with membership open to leaders, managers and administrators working in health and social care.

IHSCM are the leading independent membership organisation for managers and leaders planning, delivering and supporting health and care in the UK and across the world, supporting personal and professional development and driving change to improve health and well-being for all through quality management.

Health Education and Improvement Wales are the regional hub for Wales providing free memberships for Health and Social care staff all across Wales.

Read more about Institute of Health & Social Care Management and get your free membership.

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