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Social Care Wales and Leadership

A Healthier Wales and the Health and Social Care Workforce Strategy share a vision that by 2030 leaders in health and social care will demonstrate collective and compassionate leadership. Creating a culture of compassion is central to our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our workforce. Social care leaders and managers are the people who create that culture. This page will help you find the support available to help you lead with compassion.

To set the context, we have jointly produced with partners in health a set of compassionate leadership principles for managers. We’re working on a health and wellbeing framework for social care to help you in your journey to creating compassionate workplaces.

Introduction to Compassionate Leadership

The Compassionate Leadership Principles for Health and Social Care in Wales aim to create a shared language of what compassionate leadership is and what it looks like in practice. Through this, they will support leadership development and play a significant role in achieving the Workforce Strategy ambition that 'by 2030 leaders in the health and social care will display collective and compassionate leadership'.

Below you can find some resources on Compassion Leadership:

Compassionate Leadership Compass Compassion in Health and Care

In the video below, Professor Michael West shares his thoughts on compassionate and inclusive leadership.