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Welcome to our Compassionate Leadership Hub. This page hosts a range of bitesize and long form learning solutions from a range of experts for the development of health and social care staff of all levels to work though at their own pace.

What is
Compassionate Leadership?

Explore how to develop Compassionate Leadership skills and lead with compassion whatever your role or position

Compassionate Leadership

Commit to being a Compassionate Leader by signing up to the Pledge

Compassionate Leadership Principles

Access a wide range of resources to help you embed each Compassionate Principle

Compassionate Leadership in Practice

Be inspired by examples of Compassionate Leadership in practice

Endorsment From Our Leaders and Experts

Watch short videos from leaders and experts, outlining their vision for how we can consolidate these principles to create a compassionate leadership framework and culture that supports the population of Wales.

A Healthier Wales

A core element of the Parliamentary Review and A Healthier Wales’ Quadruple Aim is to deliver an inclusive, engaged, sustainable, flexible and responsive workforce in health and social care. Its importance is supported by an increasing body of evidence, which correlates the inclusion, wellbeing and engagement of the workforce with the quality of health and care experienced by the people we serve. This Strategy is our opportunity to create a compassionate culture, to address a number of long standing challenges as well as preparing our workforce for future challenges.

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