Compassionate Behaviours Compass

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Compassionate Behaviours Compass

The four behaviours of compassion are described below in the form of a compass, helping to navigate how we interact and engage with colleagues and those who use our services, whilst aligning with Health and Social Care values and beliefs:


to those we lead means being present with them. It requires that we ‘listen with fascination’ to those we lead.


to ensure there’s a good path for those we lead to achieve their goals by removing the obstacles or providing the resources and support to help them deliver high quality care.

Compassionate Behaviours Compass


is dependent on listening deeply. It requires that we take the time to listen in order to understand the challenges that those we lead face in their work.


is feeling the strains, pains, anxieties and frustrations of those we lead without being overwhelmed by those feelings. This then gives leaders the motivation to help or serve those we lead.