Compassionate Leadership Pledge

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Compassionate Leadership Pledge

Leadership is for everyone.
And everyone can commit to being a Compassionate Leader.

What is Compassionate Leadership?

We know that the right culture in the workplace creates an inclusive and positive working environment, a place of psychological safety and highly engaged and motivated staff.

Collective and compassionate cultures are created through compassionate leadership which involves a focus on relationships through careful listening to, understanding, empathising with and supporting other people, enabling those we lead to feel valued, respected and cared for, so they can reach their full potential and do their best work.

Evidence shows that when we demonstrate these behaviours in a health and care setting, we create a compassionate and collective culture which results in improved care and better outcomes for patients.

Creating compassionate cultures helps us attract to and retain our valued workforce.
Achieving this culture is everyone’s business and responsibility; We must all be compassionate and collective leaders.

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What is the Compassionate Leadership Pledge?

The Compassionate Leadership Pledge sets out how organisations and individuals will create a compassionate and inclusive NHS Wales workplace by describing how they will embed each of the Compassionate Leadership Principles.

By signing the Compassionate Leadership Pledge you:

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